Developing a Systems Practice for Social Sector Organizations

Feb 28, 20201 min read

As workers in the social sector begin to use data and evidence building to inform how they design and implement programs, it is important to develop a working systems practice.

This workbook, commissioned by the Omidyar group, gives practitioners functional, step by step instructions on developing effective systems practices, with the goal of empowering the user to become familiar with available data tools and build a more robust system for learning and decision-making in the social sector.

"This workbook aims to fill the gap between the promise of a systems approach for making social change and putting it into practice."

Using a roadmap approach, the user is guided from ideation to implementation, with worksheets and models to guide key decisions on research models, team building, developing framing questions and leveraging results.

At Project Evident, we believe the development of a systems practice provides an invaluable benefit to the work practitoners do to improve outcomes for the communities they serve.

Access the workbook by clicking here.

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