Expanding Evidence Building Across a National Network

Oct 25, 20191 min read

Project Evident works with clients that recognize how placing practitioners in the drivers seat of evidence building and data collection can create greater impact and more positive outcomes in the communities they serve.  

HealthySteps, a national program focused on pediatric primary care settings, found itself in need of a Strategic Evidence Plan to scale  across new priority outcome areas and a national network.

HealthySteps engaged with Project Evident as they began implementing a recently completed scaling plan that called for further expanding their evidence base in five new priority outcome areas: child breastfeeding, social determinants of health, maternal depression, childhood obesity, and child social-emotional development. HealthySteps sought to generate and test evidence in these new areas, allowing for diversity of population and settings across the HealthySteps network.

In this brief, we explore the challenges HealthySteps faced  – and how Project Evident’s approach helped bolster their ability to use data for continuous program improvement across a varied network.

Read the case study here.

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