Guide to Collaborative Communication with Human Services Providers

May 23, 20191 min read

At Project Evident, we believe that studying the way governments and social sector organizations work together can inform program design and lead to changes in policy that benefit communities being served, and help service providers work more efficiently.

In New York City, direct service nonprofit organizations that work with government funders have a way to give direct feedback to inform this kind of policy building.

Nonprofit Resiliency Committee was convened in 2016 to develop and expand lines of communication between New York City and the social services sector, and is responsible for developing frameworks to improve programs and services provided to the most vulnerable New Yorkers.  

"The Committee is charged with identifying, designing and launching solutions to support the sector in the areas of streamlining administrative processes, increasing collaboration among stakeholders in program service design and building organizational infrastructure."

One of the most important points of the work this committee does is educating stakeholders on best practices, and to this end they have compiled a list of recommendations on how the government and the nonprofit sector can work together to design City services and achieve maximum impact.

The recommendations are available here (as a PDF)

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