How to Apply a Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Lens to Strengthen Evidence Building in the Social Sector

As Project Evident works with organizations to improve their evidence building practices and help them use data to improve outcomes in the communities they serve; it has become increasingly important to apply a lens that includes Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) as metrics to improve outcomes for all involved.

This guide is meant to inform and instruct how organizations, from C-suite leaders to program staff on the front lines of the work, can "promote and intentionally integrate a diversity, equity, and inclusion framework into their evidence-building practices to help achieve more equitable outcomes."

The need for this type of lens in social sector work is clear. Studies have shown that organizations that include staff and leaders that resemble the diverse communities they serve often have stronger impact than those that don't.

Created by Project Evident's Senior Evidence Director, Charles E. Carter and Senior Evidence Advisor, Farhana Hossain, this framework should serve as a starting point for including DEI in evidence building goals.

View the framework by clicking here.

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