How to Build Data Visualizations in Excel

Jun 4, 20191 min read

At Project Evident, we recognize the importance of creating effective data visualizations when working in the social sector.

We recommend the using them in most cases, and believe that evidence building becomes a less daunting task when they are utilized.

Practitioners need to be able to show varied stakeholders the benefit of the program or service they are providing, in a way that makes sense and can be repeated.

Microsoft Excel is a particularly robust program, and many practitioners in the social sector use it to collect and keep a record of their program data, but don't know how to create effective visualizations with the information.

This guide, created by Stephanie Evergreen of Evergreen Data gives step-by-step instructions on how to develop several different types of data visualizations, including worked examples for many popular and effective chart types, including bullet charts, slopegraphs, sparklines, and more.

Access the guide here.

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