Welcome to Project Evident's Evidence Toolkit

Nov 25, 20193 min read

As we begin to navigate a changed environment for nonprofits and the communities they serve, Project Evident is pleased to announce the launch of our Evidence Toolkit. We believe the tools and resources included will be especially useful as organizations reframe their work in a virtual environment.

We believe that evidence building is especially important now, as practitioners are having to make tough decisions and respond quickly to changes. To provide assistance, this living tool for evidence builders will be updated regularly with content we believe will assist you with your efforts moving forward.

We will all be looking at data evaluation, policy, and technology in a different way, and want you to think of the Evidence Toolkit as a place where you can come to find solutions to common problems, guidance in making decisions about products and methods, and diagnostics to help identify areas for growth.

We've included content in a variety of areas—and will continue to expand over time. Our focus is on gathering and presenting information users want and need.

As you move through the toolkit, we think it's important to point you in the right direction so that you can quickly find what you need.

Looking for help with COVID-19 related challenges affecting your organization? We have resources listed here.

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As you navigate the Toolkit, we recommend that you start with the listed topics, but if you have specific needs, keep reading. We have curated some of our most useful posts below.

Are the terms used in this Toolkit new to you? Familiarize yourself using our glossary of terms.

Want to start a conversation about how a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion focus can positively impact your evidence building efforts? Start reading here.

Looking for tools to help you visualize the data your organization has collected? Visit this link.

Thinking about taking the next step and learning a data tool like R? Have a look at our guide to get started.

Do you want to read about how evidence building has successfully impacted other nonprofit organizations? Start here with our case studies.

We're always open to suggestions regarding content for learning, doing, and improving evidence building. We will be making regular updates as we add content we believe will be helpful to users. If you have expertise in an area and want to create content for us to share on the Evidence Toolkit—we would love to chat about submissions!

Our goal is to help you use data and evidence to improve decision making, programs and ultimately outcomes for the communities you serve.

Need more help? Contact us today to find out how Project Evident can help your organization better use evidence to improve outcomes for the communities you serve.