The Evidence Toolkit is a place for evidence builders in the social sector to find solutions to common problems, guidance in making decisions about products and methods, and diagnostics to help identify areas for growth.

On this site, you can find comparisons of tools, case studies on solving common problems, self-diagnostics and checklists to assess your needs and help you keep up with best practices, and how-to articles to get you started with a particular solution and directing you to additional high-quality resources. Our content is aimed mostly at data practitioners working at non-profit organizations; but staff at foundations, government organizations, and for-profit social sector companies will find much that is relevant.

It serves Project Evident's goal to spread knowledge and accessible resources to shift the social service field towards continuous evidence building as standard and supported practice.

The social sector data and evidence “ecosystem” is broken.

  • Nonprofits lack capacity and are often imposed upon rather than empowered
  • Funders are expecting more but aren’t investing enough  
  • Researchers develop evidence that nonprofits can’t use
  • Technology and systems are fragmented and sub-optimized

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Project Evident

Project Evident exists to help organizations harness the power of evidence to achieve greater impact. We offer a range of direct services to non-profit organizations around building and using evidence. Visit our website for additional information, including contact info.