Advocacy Capacity Tool (ACT!)

May 23, 20191 min read

At Project Evident, we believe that a major part of evidence building to achieve change is using that evidence and data to build advocacy coalitions.

Bolder Advocacy, a nonprofit organization that works to help other nonprofits advocate for themselves and the communities they serve has developed a robust set of tools and resources for organizations that want to learn how to advocate for themselves and influence policymakers.

Direct service providers with their feet on the ground in many communities often have an insight that takes into consideration the people they serve, giving them a perspective that policymakers may not have. They are also more likely to have strong community support-and be able to call upon the community as part of their advocacy work.

The Advocacy Capacity Tool  (ACT!) assists nonprofits with building up their advocacy strategies, by identifying gaps and opportunities that exist in their current strategies, benchmarking their existing skills, figuring out how they want to strengthen their advocacy, and how to focus their resources efficiently to get the best results.

Visit ACT! by clicking here.

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