Chart Do’s and Don'ts: The Ultimate Data Visualization Guide

Aug 26, 20191 min read

For practitioners in the social sector, the ability to show comprehensive data to varied stakeholders is a must. Comprehensive, digestible information can mean the difference between the extension of a program, and it being defunded.

As orgnaizations move toward more robust systems of compiling and sharing information, charts remail an excellent tool. A resource that can be constantly updated, and built to the specifcations of the audience it needs to be understood by.

Infogram has put together this Data Visualization Guide to serve as the starting point to moving toward a more robust system of compiling and sharing data, providing history, background, best practices and variations on chart types.

At Project Evident, we believe strongly in data visualization as a practice, and believe organizations benefit from having their data presented to all stakeholders in a manner that is easy to digest.

This guide includes plenty of real world examples, along with sage advice for creating more precise and engaging charts of all kinds to help users better understand the content you create.

Access the resource here.

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