Tableau Resources

Jan 17, 20191 min read

The Tableau Service Corps is a group of Tableau experts and power users who volunteer their time to help users in nonprofit organizations with Tableau issues.

Whether you need help getting started or need help with complicated calculated fields and user interactions, they are standing by to work through your problem with you.

Go to their website, describe your problem, and enter your availability. You'll get a one-on-one call scheduled with a Tableau expert, usually within 24 hours!

We really can't recommend this service highly enough. Our first referral to the Tableau Service Corps had this to say about the experience:

Within the week, [our free consultant] and I were video chatting a crash course in how Tableau could be used for the aggregate served report. Through a series of  three sessions now, he has taught me how to use the power of both Tableau Prep and Tableau to create tremendous efficiencies in my reporting process... His patience, support, and encouragement  has helped me to be both excited and find success through the process.

Find out how the Tableau Service Corps can help you better aggregate your data by clicking here.

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