Theory of Change Impact on Bright Futures

May 23, 20191 min read

Since the concept of a Theory of Change was introduced in the mid 90s, it has been an important guide for organizations interested in creating a real and lasting culture shift within their organizations.

Generally used to map out how an organization will make changes to improve its outcomes - identifying goals, cataloguing desired changes and plans to implement them, and pointing out gaps that need to be filled to complete the change.

In the social sector, it has been particularly useful, as nonprofits look to provide accessible, relevant services within their communities.

Project Evident believes that organizations can begin see themselves in successful uses of Theory of Change, and can take steps to map out a culture shift with the right tools in place.

Here, we are posting a case study of collective impact on a community by an organization that committed to using a Theory of Change to improve their services, created by Building Bright Futures, a child services organization in Vermont.

Access the case study as a PDF here.

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