What’s Needed for a Community to be Good at Using Data?

May 23, 20191 min read

Nonprofit organizations that are rethinking the way they collect and distribute data on the communities they serve and the impact of their services need to have a base of key technical capabilities in place.

These skills are often overlooked as the work is happening, and as a result it can be a challenge to determine what the organization needs to get better at collecting and synthsizing data.

This brief PDF outlines a series of key human and technical capacities that a data-driven community should ideally have in place, including strong data management practices, widespread access, and literacy.

It is a useful overview for social sector organizations thinking through their own data practices and capabilities.

Download the PDF here.

The resource comes from Community Information Now, a Texas-based nonprofit that offers data, tools, analysis, and training to inform decisions and improve communities.

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